fs brassy idiot

Before we met

I remember before we met I remember sitting next to you I remember my face turned red I remember pretending I wasn’t looking I remember a summer’s day I remember the song you sang So try and try even if it lasts an hour Photos: […]

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fs diana reinoso

Quite a good dancer

You told me that You were not Quite a good dancer We would just look Dumber than we think we were We met one day Where I thought I was an alien Ç I thought you might Like me a little bit Then you look […]

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fs Isa Gelb

In the heart of a skeptic

How did I ever find you? Now you got me writing love songs Am I still a skeptic or did you make me a believer? There’s a question that still hovers near I don’t believe everything happens for a reason Now it’s time to tie […]

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I never saw you again

We fell in love We once had a time I swore to no end Swore to never let you go I held a rose You held who knows I never saw you again Waiting in line To see Suede play But love’s got a way […]

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fs_yulia krivich

We have what it takes

Do you believe our love is true? Do you believe that we have what it takes Do you believe, do you believe? Do you believe our love is true? Do you believe that we have what it takes Photos: Yulia Krivich Texts: Do you believe? […]

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fs_matt gomes

Wait and see

I grew up, I didn’t know A happy day and then you’ll pay And feel like shit the morning after I could be another fool or an exception to the rule Situations get fucked up It’s always been wait and see Photos: Matt Gomes Texts: […]

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Lightening storm

Because our lips won’t last forever We’ve got eyes on the back of our heads It’s true I don’t talk too much I’d rather live in dreams and I’d rather die Pretty face could you make the jump with me? Do you remember the lightening […]

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Love just like a flower

Tell her that you love her, if you really love her But when the flower dies, you’ve got to say goodbye Tell her that you’ll be there, if you’ll really be there Separation’s supposed to make the heart grow fond But it don’t Growing by […]

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Jodimos todas las vacas

hoy me tuve un caldo de carne me gusta la palabra caldo me hace pensar en la palabra burdel voy a ir a un burdel esta noche a un burdel de carne voy a coger las vacas voy a coger los carniceros también si es […]

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